Monday, October 10

ten on ten [october edition]

one photo, every hour, for ten hours.

[1] my favorite mid-morning snack  [2] heading outside for lunch on a beautiful day  [3] it was a gorgeous day-sunshine, warm temperatures and fall colors all around  [4] new shirt from target + fav necklace = an outfit that makes me feel pretty!  [5] encouraging card from a friend  [6] photography exhibit at work. i'd like to visit all of these places!  [7] hanging above my desk  [8] end of the day. look closely, there's a sort of rainbow. i didn't notice it until i uploaded the picture!  [9] dinner: lemony tuna pasta, a new recipe from the latest real simple magazine.  [10] met up with some friends at the local smokehouse

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  1. I love the positive thoughts take one picture! What a neat idea. Love all your photos!

  2. That outfit was lovely! I tend to eat too many of the fav midmorning snack to fit in my pretty clothes! LOL Loved the card too. I also wanted to tell you that I am following your 30 days of fear. It has already helped me tremendously. Thank you!

  3. not sure if i should comment since my name's not sara... ;) love that m&m shot and now i totally want some. love the blue sky with the wispy clouds. love all the fall colors. love your new outfit. love, love, love!

    v word: prizes [do i get a prize?]


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