Monday, October 17

day 17 :: first steps

in this month of dipping my toes and hopefully diving in to casting out my fears, i'm learning that taking first steps, baby steps, helps to make the mountains look smaller and the fears more conquerable. i thought it would be good for me to remind myself of a few firsts i've had in the last week or so.

- i learned that when a recipe calls for 6 garlic cloves, you don't need to buy 6 garlic bulbs at the grocery store. because now it looks like all those vampire shows and movies you watch are starting to affect you a little too much. however i also cleaned the cloves from their skins through a nifty little trick i found on the internet. you open the bulb and pull out the cloves and put them in a metal or plastic bowl. cover the bowl with another similar bowl and shake! you know i'm not much of a cook when something as silly as shaking bowls made me feel very accomplished in the cooking world (: food can sometimes intimidate me. putting together recipes is not a gift of mine and cooking is something i've told myself i can't do or that i will never do well. i'm out to prove that little voice of fear wrong.

- i prepared and roasted my first butternut squash tonight. again, a little step, but i'm working on taking control of my health in this way.

- i took my car to get new front tires this afternoon. since moving here, i've grown to rely on john for all car-related issues. as a result, i have formed a bit of anxiety about having to do anything of that nature on my own. i'm sure that sounds silly, but the combination of a new location, a new job i didn't have time to take off from, and the process involved with finding a new place to have work done at, in addition to other things i was trying to figure out on my own led to me succumbing to the belief that i couldn't handle these things on my own. taking care of the tires myself today gave me a boost of confidence.

nothing too crazy on the list tonight, but a good reminder for me as i've reached the halfway point of this journey that battles must be won before the war.

have you taken any first steps this week?

1 comment:

  1. haa! perhaps i will receive a garlic bulb hostess gift?? roasted butternut squash sounds amazing, i think i must buy one tomorrow.


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