Thursday, October 6

day 6 :: lights, camera...

i find it a little funny that the day after i post about measuring up, i have a day scheduled from sun up to way past sun down. at some point during those 24 hours, my fear set in... what if i don't have time to post? what if i get to the end of this day and have nothing to write about? i'm seriously going to miss a day ALREADY?!

i was at dinner with a friend last night when it struck me that a big part of overcoming fear comes in doing. i was investing time in a relationship in the midst of battling the fear that i am unlovable. some of the work to cast out fear happens in our hearts and minds, yes, but some of the process happens in taking action. living it out. working through fear by doing that thing we're so afraid of. writing and thinking and studying in my apartment every day isn't bad, and i'm sure i have and will discover things through it, but there is a world of fear out there to conquer. and there are some things that require action.

"faith without deeds is dead" [james 2:14]. i know that can be interpreted in different ways, but tonight, for me, it means that if i am going to trust my God and not be afraid, i must use my doings to live it out.

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