Monday, August 31

the Healer, never broken (pt 2)

After the study on Thursday night, some of the ladies and I were discussing the story we’d heard of the Shepherd and the wayward lamb. At this point, one of the lovely girls there recalled that Jesus’ bones were never broken. And there the story took on additional meaning and significance.

Jesus is referred to as both the Good Shepherd and the Lamb of God. As the Good Shepherd, He cares for us, His sheep. As our Shepherd, He breaks us to bring us back to Him. But when we look at Jesus as the Lamb of God, the perfect Lamb, we find He never strayed from the voice of His Father. A Lamb who walked with His Shepherd all of His days here on earth. Jesus had to live a perfect life in order for Him to be the perfect sacrifice. He had to live a blameless and pure life if He were to take the sins of the entire world onto Himself, and if we were to then be pardoned from them through His sacrifice. This was God’s plan from the beginning. Jesus died for our sins and yet, as John states, as a perfect Lamb, “not one of his bones will be broken” (19:36).

“For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (2Cor5:21). The Good Shepherd became the perfect Lamb so that we might be made righteous. The sacrifice of His life justifies us before our Creator and Father. He healed the broken relationship between God and the human race, saving us from death. The Healer, never broken, restored us to our Father and gave us new life. And if that isn't enough to make me say "thank you", i don't know what is.

Thursday, August 27

a healing in breaking (pt 1)

i had thought before i left for a book study at church tonight that i would come home and blog about the fun that was my day, sprinkling a few pictures and lighthearted comments here and there. but after spending a few hours this evening with some lovely ladies studying this book on idols and placing God above and before everything else in our lives, i would rather share a story/fact/point that i learned this evening. in speaking about God and His love for us and His desire to not only make us aware of our idols but bring us back to Himself, the lady leading the group brought up a verse in psalm 51: "let the bones you have crushed rejoice." (v8) she went on to explain that back in "Bible times" a shepherd would care for a flock of sheep. for the most part, the sheep would follow the shepherd. however, if a sheep repeatedly wandered away from the flock, the shepherd would break the sheep's legs, rendering it unable to walk. this sounds incredibly cruel, right? but the shepherd would then carry the sheep around his neck until its legs were healed. the sheep would be as close to the shepherd as it could possibly get, soaking in the shepherd's scent, voice and disposition. after the sheep's bones were healed, it would never wander from the shepherd again. i would never understand this verse without knowing the context. as a child who grew up in a Christian home, going to church every Sunday, i have seen plenty of pictures depicting Jesus holding a sheep around His neck. i always thought it was a warm, kind or religious portrayal of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. but tonight, i got it. sometimes, when we stray, God has to break our bones so that we can be close to Him. so that He can carry us and overwhelm us with His sweet fragrance, His soft voice and His love. He breaks us so that He can heal us, and our trust in Him will grow so that we will walk beside and with Him. the initial pain is only the beginning. it is done out of His love for us, resulting in our betterment. it all comes down to a God who desires so much to show us that walking with Him is the best way to live and that because of His love He wants to bring us closer to Him, the source of all peace, hope and love. pretty incredible... and much more interesting than my day (:

Monday, August 24


Don’t get me wrong. I love summer. LOVE it! Absolutely LUV it. I would be lost without warm weather, beaches, boating, sports like sand volleyball and ultimate Frisbee that are best done outside, summer dresses, and most importantly, flip flops.

But there just comes a point in the summer months when I start to get a desire to be able to step outside in jeans, a comfy cardigan and cute flats. When something in me begins to long to feel crisp breezes, tainted by the smell of changing leaves. and to hear them crunching beneath my feet.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that seasons come and go. And I know that there have been numerous moments in my life, when it is time for one season to end and another to begin. Often I begin to feel anticipation and a sense of preparedness for the next. By this I mean in my person, mentally and spiritually. Let me just say that I am fully aware and experienced that sometimes things come unexpectedly out of nowhere and we are left trying to turn our heads forward as we stare behind us wondering what the heck just happened. But I have also experienced times where I just felt… ready. Not that I knew exactly what lay ahead, but that I felt something deep within me saying, a new season is coming. The leaves are about to change colors, the temperature is going to shift and my surroundings are about to look quite different. And I feel excited for a new season.

But… the season hasn’t arrived yet. So how do I reconcile this longing for what is to come with my current place of being? Sounds like a small reflection of the entire span of our lives. I know that this world is not my home, that there is time to come where I will be where I was always intended to be. But for this lifetime, I find myself setting my heart and mind on things above, while also clothing myself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (Col3:1-2,12).

Sunday, August 23

from wallowing to waiting

so day 4 of being in new york (since waking up at 4:30am to hit the road!) is coming to a close. my unknowns are still unknown. i don't have a job. i don't have a place to live. the more time that passes, the less sure of myself i feel. what am i doing? what am i doing wrong? things certainly haven't unfolded how i hoped they would the first time... or the second... but the other day as i was wallowing in this self pity, i felt His voice ask: 'sarah, do you trust that this is all according to My timing?'... i thought about it and answered 'yes, i do.' and i remembered and thanked God for the many times He has been faithful and has provided for me time and time again, despite how undeserving i was. yet the waves of the oceans of doubt keep rushing in, crashing closer and more intimidatingly as high tide does. but i have to keep my mind and heart in check and focused on Him. He has always provided. He has always loved me. He will continue to carry me. it may not (and definitely has not) look like what i'd like it to or happen the way i hope it to, but i choose to believe it will all come together in His time, for His glory and for my good. to man belong the plans of the heart, but from the Lord comes the reply of the tongue... in his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps... commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. (prov16:1,9,3)

Monday, August 10

the darkness must precede the dawn

growing my hair out has been a process.

at times i've been happy with the way it's looked at certain lengths and the progress that has been made. at other times i've been frustrated with the way it's looked and how slow it was seeming to take to grow out. at times i've wanted to cut it all off and start over. at other times i've celebrated clear points of progress (like the first time i could pull it back in a ponytail!)

one time i realized i had to adjust the time i needed to get ready because the fact that my hair was longer meant it was taking me more time to finish and this was causing me to run late!

other times have brought the need for new hair products, brushes and accessories to tame my wild mane.

process takes time

it requires patience and the willingness to act. there are moments of highs and stretches of lows.

process requires steps

 but in each step there is something to learn. and it takes every step to get through the process. skipping one will leave you unprepared for the next.

take the time and embrace the steps

Saturday, August 8

chew it up and transform it...

hello blog. it's been a little while. please accept my apologies as i am in the process of moving to new york! and what a process it's been and will be! moretocome on that later, but for now i offer you a peace offering for my absence. i hope it makes you laugh and forget all about the fact that i have been gone. oh, and my uber funny boyfriend showed it to me (:
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