Thursday, May 10

ten on ten [may edition]

[1] morning commute. crazy spaceship looking things on a train.   [2] shhhh... touching up my toenails at work!   [3] reading evaluations from students graduating this weekend from seminary. things like this make me feel blessed to do the work i do.  [4] part of a gift for our doctoral students. an pottery student made each one a set of communion elements. so much talent!  [5] packaging the gifts up!  [6] our latest art installation on the brevity of life. photos of every person who died in the county in 2011. this exhibit has been one of the more powerful ones i've seen since being here.  [7] one of our cohorts at the seminary made it through the "core" (2 years of intense classes!). they were the first (and only!) cohort i helped to bring in while i worked for admissions. i can't believe it's been that long, but i'm so proud of each of them for making it through!   [8] oh gas prices, please come down. i want an adventurous summer.   [9] western new york in all its' summer glory.   [10] breakfast for dinner. yum! john said my apartment smelled like a diner. best compliment i received all day!

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