Tuesday, January 31

new year blogging party [introducing michelle!]

a few weeks ago, i saw the opportunity to be part of a blogger party with alycia, casey and danielle for the new year. i like blogging, i like parties, and so far, i've liked the new year so i signed myself up! each blogger was given the name of another blogger to get to know and to send a sweet little package to. [i like friends, i like gifts... can it get any better?!]

i was partnered with michelle from mish lovin' life.

considering i have about 78 pictures of myself in the exact. same. pose. i was excited to get to know michelle! as we've been emailing back and forth the last couple of weeks, i've learned that she really does love life! michelle is such a positive spirit. oh, and she lives in san diego.  i've got to say i'm pretty jealous. but she insists rochester looks just as nice. [see how positive she is?!] michelle writes about her daily adventures, and i usually find myself cracking up at her posts.

michelle is training with her man for a marathon. as in 26.2 miles. stop by her blog and send her some encouragement!

michelle, i've loved getting to know you! i can't wait to see where life takes you!


Monday, January 30

hello you, you're gorgeous!

hello, comedy shows from the 90s... 

i was still feeling quite under the weather this weekend, so it was mostly spent on the couch watching 3rd rock from the sun on netflix. did/does anyone else watch this show? i was so excited when i saw that it was on netflix because i remembered finding it hilarious when i was younger. and fortunately i was happy to find it still makes me laugh out loud. i mean, seriously...

i have sat here watching that clip over and over and it cracks me up every. single. time. i may or may not say that to myself in the mirror now.

hello, fantastic homemade dinner...

last night stud and i made a pizza. it was pretty amazing if i do say so.

pepperoni and banana peppers are one of our favorite combinations. delish.

and finally, hello, pretty new embroidery hoop art...

you make me smile every time i leave or come home. thanks for being so cheery.

Thursday, January 26

random thoughts on a thursday

- i've been fighting a cold and sore throat for the last few days. the cold thinks it's going to win the battle this evening. but i'm fighting back hard with a fleece blanket and a cup of green tea.

- i'm excited to work on a new decoration for my front door this weekend. in the fall i made one out of a grapevine wreath and felt flowers. for christmas, i made a yarn wreath. i decided for the spring i'm going to make embroidery hoop art.

- taxes. do they stress anyone else out? they worry me. i'm always afraid i'm not filing them correctly. and my fears were confirmed this past year when i got hit with fines for making a mistake in 2007-2008. do you know how much interest builds up in 4 years? no wonder they wait that long to tell you you're in trouble. this year i've been receiving more forms than usual from taking a class last year and because i now have an hsa with my health insurance. here's to hoping i do it all correctly. and then [maybe] show me the money?!

-God is good. even when i don't acknowledge Him. i have to keep reminding myself to thank Him for this winter. my first two in new york were pretty rough. i do like snow, but really only when i have nowhere to be and i can curl up on a couch and watch it fall and drink hot chocolate. last year, the snow started falling in november and didn't stop until april. it was a hard season for me mentally and spiritually. summer eventually came and with His help, i was able to get some perspective and healing. the fall was long and mild and wonderful.

and now, it's winter. this year the temperatures have been way above normal and i think we've had a foot of snow total. it's been wonderful. my headspace has been good. so i remind myself to give thanks.

You stay the same through the ages
Your love never changes
there may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning
-jesus culture, Your love never fails

Tuesday, January 24

why i love him [vol. 2]

me [holding up two nail polishes in front of john's face while he's working on the computer]: which color should i put on?

john: not black. you have a black coat. and it'll look all dark and goth and stuff.

me: move over. black is glam now. [pulls up a few pins on pinterest to prove point]


john: ok, yeah. go with black. it matches your retinas.

and really, he would know...

Friday, January 20

life smells like a rose...

this post actually has nothing to do with roses, but that's a lyric in one of the songs in the new muppet movie! if you haven't seen the movie yet, do yourself a favor and see it! [is it still in theaters? if not, i'm sorry]. ahem... sidetracked...

a little look at life recently through my not-so-much-an-iphone...

my stud brought me a fish cannoli

date night with my man at olive garden

i may have a drinking problem ;)

sneak peek of a project i'm working on for my bedroom

beautiful sunset on my drive home

can't beat ice cream. unless there's a warm choc chip cookie underneath (:

happy weekend, friends!

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Thursday, January 19

bedroom [inspiration]

the inspiration workshop with gussy sews is back! the prompt for this month is bedroom.

full disclosure: in every apartment i've lived, my bedroom is always the last room i decorate. ideally it would be first. i'd create a relaxing space to retreat to each evening. but in reality, it is forgotten about and used pretty much only for sleeping. my kitchen and dining room and living room get my attention because those are the rooms people see! case in point here's what my bedroom looks like this evening:

things of note: 

1] my toolbox currently resides in my bedroom.
2] yes, i did make my bed, but that's more of an obsessive compulsive thing for me.
3] target bags strewn across the floor. maybe it really is time for an intervention.
4] and last but not least, there's a down comforter bundled up on my papasan chair. it's been a crazy winter here. some nights it's just too warm for the down comforter, other nights it's a usual winter, freezing, and it's my best friend. so i currently keep two comforters at the ready. it really adds to the luxurious vibe i have going on ;)

but... there is hope! i've done a good amount of decorating to the rest of my living space last year and decided to start focusing on my bedroom this year. thanks to pinterest, i'm full of inspiration [and maybe a little bit of coveting ;) ]

my ideal bedroom would include the following things:


reading nook


rustic features

and a statement piece

i feel more relaxed just looking at these pictures! and hopefully i'll have some more to share of my own room in the next few weeks. happy thursday, friends!

see more bedroom inspiration here...
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Wednesday, January 18

old yeller

we recently had tenants move out of the building i live in, and they left behind a chair. once i saw it i couldn't get it off my mind. a call to my landlord and the chair was sitting in my dining room. extra seating + sweet vintage find + all for free = an amazing day for this girl.

i knew the perfect spot for the chair... right where my christmas tree was ! i don't think i've ever been more excited to take down a tree after christmas.

say hello to old yeller!

and here it is close to its actual color...

it's old and yellow and i. love. it. i'm a fan of its straight lines and its cute little buttons. i may try sanding and restaining the legs and cleaning it up a bit. may. there's just something about its current condition that makes me like it more.

have you had any sweet finds recently?


Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Friday, January 13

snow day

today the snow is finally falling in western new york! i had already scheduled to take today off, and i've got to say, not having anywhere to be while it snows makes it even prettier.

today has been a day of rest. the last two years i have been fortunate enough to have the week between christmas and new year's off. i've gone to visit family in new jersey during that week and have loved the feeling of being able to take a deep breath while i'm there. being away from home means that i have no obligations, no responsibilities, and, consequently, no stress. i have come to cherish that time. it's an opportunity to just stop and breathe, without having to worry about all the things that normally consume my day. it's a feeling i want to capture and preserve throughout the year, not just during the holidays. so i scheduled myself a little breathing time. (:

today i'm catching up on some tv shows and doing a little creating. this recipe is cooking in the crockpot for dinner, making my apartment smell like a fiesta.

i have been and will continue shoveling throughout the day, but i'm welcoming the breaths of fresh air. i'm soaking in the snow [literally and figuratively ;) ] and taking moments to smile to myself at its beauty.

smiling is good for the soul, you know. 

Tuesday, January 10

ten on ten [january edition]

one photo, every hour, for ten hours.

[1] a peek into my makeup bag [2] poptarts. the breakfast of champi[gn]ons. [my last name (: spelled with a gn, but pronounced champion!] [3] signing prayer cards for our students at work [4] highlight of my morning = text from my stud [please excuse the fuzz on my phone!]  [5] my tuesday jam  [6] sunlight. in january. in western new york!  [7] but things are still brown (:  [8] grocery  [9] shopping  [10] home. and experimenting with bokeh light.

ten on ten button

Saturday, January 7

oh hello, 2012

seven days in and i'm posting my new year's resolutions! it's still the first week of the year, which means they're legit nyr's [new year's resolutions], right? right.


i love the motivation and hope that a new year brings. the clean slate it offers. my mind feels open to dream, and dream big. and i know God may have completely different plans for my 2012, but if He's ok with it, these are the things i resolve.

1. open an online shop. i spent this past summer thrifting and yard sale-ing it up. i've enjoyed decorating my home with vintage finds and crafty-ness, and i want to open a shop to share my style.

2. decorate my dining room wall. i've had these frames since the summer and basically, i'm tired of talking about hanging them and staring at them scattered across my floors! i have two more to stain and then these beauties are finding a home in my dining room.

3. pay off my credit card debt. i got hit with several major car repairs in 2011. and some major car repair bills. i also found out i'd incorrectly filed part of my taxes in 2007 and 2008, resulting in some more money owed. but, i want to work harder to be responsible with my money this year, create a budget for myself, and pay off my credit card.

4. redesign my blog. i hope to create a look that better represents me, and i'm hoping to teach myself a bit about design in the process. it's a fun way to get to exercise some creativity.

5. read at least one book a month. this is kind of like an essential nyr, isn't it? i got a kindle fire for christmas and love it, which makes me even more excited about this resolution. a few books i plan to read this year...

i am almost finished with the 5th harry potter book and plan on reading books 6 and 7 this year. i also want to read a few recommended books for becoming an indie business owner: craft, inc. and the handmade marketplace. any other suggestions, friends?

6. keep growing my hair. i chopped it to just a few inches short four years ago and since then i've tried to let it grow out, but have always gotten too impatient or found a cute short cut that i wanted to try and ended up starting all over again. this time around i'm more determined than ever to let it grow out and it's paying off! my hair is the longest it's been in a long time and i love that i can pull it back in a ponytail again. that right there has been motivation enough to keep growing it out!

2012 has already been off to a sweet start. new york is having an unusually mild winter, resulting in very little snow so far. i've spent some good time with good friends. i have resolutions that excite me, and i'm full of hope for where this year will take me!

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