Wednesday, June 30

summer reading

it can probably be traced back to early school days, but making a summer reading list seems to be a completely normal and perhaps expected part of jumping into summer! i shall play the game and share with all of you the books i'd like to ingest this summer.

now my goals would be much easier attained through the ownership or rentership of a porch, and even more so a porch swing. i find myself with neither. so if any of you happen to find yourself with either or both and also preferably find yourself in the western new york area, i'm more than available to help you occupy them. i'm even up for a road trip! 

now that that item of business is out of the way, without further ado, i bring to you... my summer reading list:

acedia and me, kathleen norris (i've been working through this one the last couple of weeks. some really good thoughts and perspectives on what is more commonly termed sloth, though that's not quite a comparable term for acedia.)

a million miles, don miller (i still have to purchase this one, but am anxious to as everything i've heard about it has been absolutely positive!)

reread: blue like jazz, don miller (it's a don miller summer... what can i say?)

forgotten god, francis chan (crazy love was by far challenging to the way i live my life. i'm hoping and, if i'm honest, not hoping the same for this one!)

now it's a well-known, totally proven fact that posting things on the internet increases your commitment 148.72%. so clearly there is no need for all of you to check in with me to make sure i'm making progress.

and, because i know you're curious, yes i read books simultaneously. i'm a woman dangit. i'm built to multitask! none of this one at a time nonsense.

ok that's enough about me. this all just begs the question... what's on your summer reading list?

Wednesday, June 23

a call to affirmative action

sometimes a little affirmation can go a long way.

don't hold back telling someone how great they are.

you might just make their day.

Tuesday, June 22

birthdays, bbq, and biscuits

last week was my bday! i celebrated by working a long day, eating some amazing bbq with my man, and going to bed early! if that was a taste of what 26 is going to be like, um... hurry up 27!!! actually, that pulled pork and corn bread can stay!
center street smokehouse, batavia, ny = the best cheesy biscuits i have ever had!

great birthday. great food. great company. i couldn't ask for much more!

Monday, June 21

blog neglect and banana bread

ahhh, finally... summer is here! the days leading up to this one have been absolutely amazing, which meant lots of being outside! western new york is known for its glorious summers ALMOST as much as its treacherous winters. so when the sun does come back out and the temps heat up, it's time to get out and about and play! i have a feeling this summer is going to be a lot of playing and not so much thinking! which means lots of picture posts! um, as long as i sit myself down long enough inside to upload them (:

for now, i'll just share my first attempt at making bread. ever. i had some extra bananas i knew i wasn't going to eat before they'd go bad so i grabbed a recipe for banana walnut and got to work! i was too busy measuring and mixing and mashing to take any before pictures, but i think i'm alright with leaving you with just the after!
my apartment smelled so yummy as the bread was baking!
and the final test? it tasted delish!
and it's made me look forward to breakfast for the last few days!

ok, go enjoy your summer and get outside!

Friday, June 11

fusion friday

reese's peanut butter cups.

scooby and shaggy.

salt and pepper.


and now... the newsies and lady gaga.

two incredible things united for a few moments of bliss. i loved this movie when i was a kid. and, disagree with me if you want, but lady gaga puts out some catchy tunes and puts together some crazy outfits! enjoy your friday!

Thursday, June 10

an orderly observation

when i first moved into my apartment, i got yet another the opportunity to create a new home for myself. my things had a place. my things were clean. my things were organized. then i began living there and dishes pile up in the sink, clothes get strewn around the bedroom, and dust seems to grow everywhere.

as a self-declared neat freak, i get some kind of giddy high from straightening, cleaning, and bringing order to things. i desire to restore my home to its original condition.

then the other day i stopped to think about what i was doing and i began to feel a bit of remorse for how much of my life has been/will be spent cleaning.

but all the cleaning? that's obsessive compulsive me. i enjoy it and am aware of the opportunity i'm afforded at this stage of life to be able to keep my home in order almost all of the time. (read: i clearly have too much time on my hands. also read: i understand and fully support others who have spouses, little people, other family members and friends dwelling in their homes and requiring their attention and that they prioritize time with them over obsessing about cleaning and ordering.) 

as i thought about the things i do over and over, week after week, it reminded me of what God does to us. He created us and gave us a place in relationship to Him. we were clean. then sin entered the world (and us) and we became pretty messy beings. 

but He offers to restore us. He makes our heart His home. and He cleanses His home; He washes us and gives us order, over and over again, each time we ask. and, unlike us, He doesn't weary or tire in doing so. He desires so much for us to be in that original condition that He sacrificed His Son so we will one day be as He first created us.

God delights in making us like new. have you asked to be cleansed today?

Wednesday, June 2

why i love him [vol. 1]

me: 1... 2... 3! *jump into john's arms*

(side note: yes, i know i act like i'm still 5. now, back to the story...)

john: someday you're going to say that and we'll both sit down.

and, he mows the lawn for me so i can live in my sweet apartment.

and, he comes up with delicious dinner ideas, like bbq chicken pizza! 

he is just onederful! (:

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