Tuesday, October 25

day 25 :: [not] decorating out of fear

when i read this post by the nester, i cringed. it was me. i was [not] decorating out of fear. and as i wrote in this post, i was ready to do something about it. my dining room wall isn't finished yet, but i have taken smaller steps to decorating my apartment in ways that are beautiful to me, without worrying so much about if it's "perfect."

the first thing i did was hang the owl that i'd found on this trip. i had an idea of where to put it, but i kept stopping myself from hanging it. finally one evening i came home, determined to hang it and not worry about if i didn't like it. and now? this guy greets me every morning when i get out of bed and head to the bathroom! one silly, simple thing on my wall but a step toward decorating out of confidence in my own likes and tastes.

i also decorated my walls for fall/halloween. using a coupon i had for michael's i purchased these for just $3.

and i am in the process of working on my dining room wall. i've sanded down some of the frames i'm going to hang and the next step is to tackle some other ones with this:

i have a vision in my head of what it all will look like, and there's a good chance it won't turn out that way! (: but that doesn't mean i'm not going to try. my mistake might actually turn out to be better than my original thought. and it's holding on to hopes like that that help us cast out fear and take action.


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