Tuesday, October 18

day 18 :: peace

peace i leave with you;
my peace i give you.
i do not give you as the world gives.
do not let your hearts be troubled
and do
[john 14:27]

i read jesus' words last night. he spoke these before he was crucified. knowing all that he was about to do for the disciples, for me, for you, he gave us peace and told us we should not be afraid. when fear overcomes my soul, i will remember his words. 


  1. Wow... beautiful words coming from Jesus. He went through the ultimate betrayal and sacrifice for us... what right do we have to be afraid of anything? And yet, as humans, it's on our nature to fear. Thank GOD He has our back!!

    Love that picture of the rock and the waves. Beautiful.

  2. Very much benefited from these words today Sarah - thanks for taking this journey, not only for you, but for those of us reading :)



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