Monday, May 11

my bit o' tid for the day

it is a blessing within itself to be aware of the many blessings in your life.

Friday, May 1

to q without an a

to say i've been neglectful of this corner of the web would be an understatement. the attic of my mind is full and crowded. it's been a slow process to clear the way to here AND THEN to dust the cobwebs away to write. i have way more questions than answers. too many, too much, too vulnerable to share them all here and now. the one i think i'd most like an answer... THE answer to is this: how does one have an accurate perception of oneself? how do i see myself for who i am, who i'm not, who i will be? and to do this with humility, without pride, with Godly confidence, without self pity...
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