Thursday, July 28

you can take the girl outta jersey...

although i've lived in western new york for the last year and a half, and spent six years living in ohio, i am by birth, by heart, by choice a jersey girl! the beach, [or the shore, as we call it (: ] is part of who i am.

i love the beach for so many reasons...

...a friend was sharing this week how he knows someone who knows with absolutely certainty the presence of God whenever he hears the sound of waves. i, too, find peace for my soul, rest for my body, and joy for my heart at the beach.

...the beach makes me SO happy. i can't even put into adequate words why, but when i'm there my entire self revels. there is nothing that can keep a smile off my face. i feel at home.

...the shore was, in ways,  a rite of passage for us jersey girls. i took a few vacas with some of my best friends when were teenagers and reuniting in summers home from college. it's pretty hilarious for us to look back on these trips now. we felt so grown up then. (:  i love these girls and the memories we make so much. they are my lifelong friends. it's our dream that someday, someday, we will all get together for another vaca... this time with husbands and kids in tow... my, my, how far we've come!

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  1. i want to go to the jersey shore so bad. someday... ~sigh~

  2. Beautiful beach pics. I have a friend who moved to NJ recently. I miss her!!! She says the beach there is gorgeous.
    I feel the same way about feeling God's presence at the beach. He is all over the place there!

  3. I love the beach, these photos are beautiful!

  4. Unfortunately, i still don´t know the beach ´cause i´m a country girl. But i really want to!!!

    Kisses and God bless you!


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