Tuesday, August 9

a little update

it has been a crazy fun week [and then some!]. here's where i've been!

- the thursday before last my parents came into town for the weekend! it had been almost a year since they'd been up to visit and it was great to get some time with them and share a little more of life here. [it's my not-so-secret goal to get them to move to new york. they've visited in both summer and fall, the best times to convince them of this. unfortunately for some reason it's hard to get them to forget about all the snow winter brings. (: ]

- while they were here we explored a 50-mile garage sale from montezuma to homer. [how fun is that to say?!] i made some great finds [more to come on that soon!]

- last week was kingdom bound, the annual summer christian music festival here in western ny. i had the privilege of working there for my job. so. much. fun! we talked with people from all around the country and canada, helped put on youth ministry seminars, and saw a few shows! i saw skillet perform from 7 rows back [as in, close enough to feel the heat off the flames exploding from their stage!]. i finally saw the classic crime. they are one of my favorite bands and they played my two favorite songs. can i get a woot woot?! (: my friends' brothers mcclurg also played at the festival. tuesday was the release day for their super awesome album alive. if you want some new worship music, check them and their new album out here.

- friday night turned into an impromptu date night, which was absolutely lovely after a long week. dinner at moe's + a trip to borders to begin browsing their clearance sales + my stud = a very happy me.

ps moe's new taco stackers? delish!

and now here we are. things are much quieter this week. i like myself a bit of routine, so even though life has been super fun the last two weeks, i'm ok with getting rid of the crazy for a little while. (:

the busy-ness brought on a bit of a blog break, for which i'm also grateful. if i'm honest, i was getting too caught up in keeping up, looking left and right at what others were doing, and measuring myself against it all. i was losing the freedom to fully appreciate and encourage the incredible bloggers i've found in this journey. stepping away and living life outside of the internet brought the space i needed to allow God to breath His perspective on me. the best person i can be is the me He created, and the plan He has for my life is perfect for me. it's not going to look the same as anyone else's and that's a-okay. in fact it's beautiful. i'm blessed to share in His plan for so many other lovely women through their blogs. each journey looks different, but our destination is the same: Jesus Christ. how freeing! it reminds me of a song we sing [and act out] with our kids at sunday school. (:

i am free to run,
i am free to dance,
i am free to live for you,
i am free,
yes i am free!

we are free to be who we are... running, dancing or writing about our lives, encouraging one another, and building each other up. all in the freedom that He Himself paid the price for. thank you, Jesus!


  1. You´ve had a very crazy and busy week, right?! Very nice!!!
    Kisses and God bless you!

  2. Unexpected date nights a re the sweetest... enjoy!

  3. LOVE this post lady! Love that song too, our worship team acts out the movements to that song too!! It's not as cute as when kids do it though. But I try my best! LoL

  4. Thanks for linking up! That's one of my favorite songs!

  5. Thank you Sarah for your encouragement...it definitely made me smile. I get this post and you are so right.. we're all on this journey together. That garage sale must've been awesome..and love how you got to go to the christian music fest....:)

  6. thanks for these sweet words.
    love that song! the music fest sounds amazing.
    and montezuma is awfully fun to say;)

  7. look at the pic of all the old fishing reels. right in the middle is the zebco 202. that was the first fishing pole and real combo that my dad got me in 3rd grade when i fished every day. what a time machine blast back memory moment i just had seeing that pic!

    jb :)~


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