Monday, July 11

ten on ten [july edition]

july 10 in pictures:

1. starting sunday  2. new blue nail polish on my toes! 3. a trip to bj's resulted in these yummy plantain chips. 4. relaxing with my stud in the afternoon 5. sunday is also known as hockey day around here. #24 is my stud (: 6. grabbing dinner at the local "greasy spoon" 7. gorgeous night sky 8. we had a kanjam tournament til dark. mosquitoes wanted to join in. we fought back with these candles 9. still so in love with my shutters and curtains 10. bedtime! 

ten on ten button small


  1. ..justin just brought home a henri nouwen book to read. the blue toes. you know i've NEVER been to pok a dot! am i missing anything??

  2. I'm curious about this book, now.


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