Thursday, July 7

inspiration workshop [pamper yourself]

when i visited my family in new jersey during my birthday week, my sister and i went and got massages! heather works for a resort and gets gift certificates from time to time. she was wonderful enough to treat me to an hour long massage! so now i have until her birthday in november to think of something as awesome to do for her! (: my mom booked a pedicure. my youngest sister, laura, tagged along, and we had ourselves a ladies’ morning at the SPA!

it. was. incredible. we checked in and were given keys to a locker, where we got to change into white, fluffy, fancy robes. just like in the movies!

while we waited for our masseuses, we were treated to tea, a fruity granola mix, and [no kidding] sugar-coated rose petals. for real, they were delicious!

my massage was incredible. have I ever mentioned that my stud is a licensed massage therapist?! yeah… life is good for this girl. (: i love that God gave me a man who dreamt of treating his girl to massages and made me a girl who loves massages!

after the massage, we were brought out to a foot bath, filled with sugar and rose petals.

the spa and a massage are things i never get to do, so it was such a lovely way to pamper myself. [thank you, heath! (: ] massages are definitely one of my favorite ways to pamper luxuriously!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. Hi Sarah!
    Loving your blog! :) Looks like such a wonderful, relaxing time! Happy belated birthday! That foot bath looks divine! Oh, and I'm LOVING your home! So cute! (great wooden floors!) Hugs! :)

  2. goodness looks like the best day ever!!!

  3. how fun!!! what an amazing birthday present :)

  4. um, i want a fluffy white robe and a day of pampering!!! >jealous< although my man gives amazing, amazing massages...when i can get them!


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