Monday, July 25


get highlights.

blog more.

work out (walk, run, ride my bike) more each week.

make plans with a new friend once a week.

get up a half hour earlier to do devotions.

paint my nails.

when i become discontent with who i am, i make a list. when i think about improving who i am, i set goals. when i feel like i am not "measuring up," my first reaction is to find all the places i feel i'm lacking and determine in my mind to get my butt into gear and take action. i make myself my project.

in church we're working through the book of ephesians. "for we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." [eph 2:10] throughout my life, i've claimed that verse, especially the second part. it's encouraging to think that God gives us purpose, that He plans the details of our lives, and desires and creates opportunities for us to do good things with our lives.

but it was what my pastor said about the first part that made me think of my lists. i know that i am created by Him. His handiwork. but that word goes even farther than my mother's womb. i am His project. i am not my own project. it is He who made me, and i am His. i'm not supposed to be in control of who i become. as my Creator, He knows the me i'm supposed to be. He will shape me, mold me, stretch me, and purify me.  none of my lists are going to make me more me. only He can show me who i am. i am His project, and He's got plans for me. (:



  1. I love love love this post and can totally relate. i need to give up the power struggle and give him control!

  2. So true! Thanks for the perspective reminder!

  3. Love this! So important to let God form us into what He wants rather than follow our own plans because His ways are WAY better anyways.

    P.S. I'm not able to comment on my home laptop when comments are "embedded" below the post, so if you change them to pop-up window form, I can leave comments. :) I know, it's strange, but I've heard of others who have this problem as well.

  4. great post!! so true!

    Jenna Duty


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