Wednesday, July 20

snail mail

every time i hear someone say self-centered recently, i cringe a bit. i can hear in my thoughts and the words i say that i'm in the middle of a "me, me, me" fever. i figure one of the best ways to cure that is to get out and do something for someone else! so, with a little help from dayspring, i sent a few cards to friends this week. 

a month or so ago, i received the hope and encouragement card pack. i'm loving these cards! they capture what i'd like to say to a friend so well that sometimes all i have to do is sign my name! they are filled with thoughtfulness, care and, well... hope and encouragement!

once i started writing a few cards, i didn't want to stop! i loved thinking about my friends receiving these in the mail. this age of technology and instant access has made getting something in the mail even more meaningful, i think. i love getting snail mail even more than receiving a facebook comment or an email. trust me, i'm appreciative of the ways i'm able to keep in touch with friends across the country, but there's just something fun about actually getting to hold someone's thoughtfulness.

:: disclaimer: i received this product from dayspring through (in)courage in exchange for this review. oh, and because they rock. ::



  1. Hey Sarah! I think we all go through a case of the "me's". I started keeping a gratitude journal to keep my focus on my blessings, not the things I "need" or don't have.

  2. Sarah, I luv mail..I say that all of the time. This is a great post..thank you. :)
    Glad to have found you.

  3. what a cool idea! i'm sure those who receive your cards are going to be so excited! i need to do more of this, too.

    (oh, and what the heck year is it that i say a thing like "cool idea!" to sending cards in the mail? i wonder what our children will end up saying when they are our age...)

  4. i love dayspring cards! in fact i love all cards :) i used to send cards to all my friends and family for birthdays and just because. i need to start doing that again. it just makes me happy sending little notes of love and encouragement. thanks for this post! :)


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