Wednesday, September 14


today i worked from home. yes, that is a big smile on my face. i loved having the opportunity to do so, and i enjoyed every moment of my lovely day...

i slept in, but actually started working earlier. [read: i didn't shower! *gasp*]

i got to make a pot of coffee, as opposed to a quick keurig cup.

i sipped my coffee slowly, while it was still warm. i spent time in the Word. i cooked myself breakfast.

i had a very productive morning. i made a to-do list and felt focused and motivated to tackle a few work projects. i live alone, with no pets, and essentially no distractions, but i also think i felt so focused because i really love my apartment and feel inspired in this space.


i did some laundry.

i took a break mid-morning to shower. can't be stinky all day! (:

it was a gorgeous, sunny day with temps right around 70, so i took a little bike ride at lunchtime. while out i picked these weeds wildflowers for my dining room table.

i made myself a condensed to-do list after lunch [yay for a productive morning!] and got back to it!

i worked a bit later than my usual workday. i think i'm finding that an ideal working situation for myself is to work in the morning, have a few hours off in the early afternoon, then come back for a few more hours later on in the day. unfortunately i'm an 8-5er but it was nice to naturally fall into that rhythm today and feel more energized and productive during my work times. have i mentioned i really love working from home?!

now i'm off to watch some episodes of picker sisters online and wait for my stud to get out of class and come visit me! we'll probably watch this:


here's to a lovely wednesday, friends!


Aisle to Aloha


  1. Sounds like a lovely day!! I'd love to work from home, but wouldn't want the kindergartners invading, lol :)

  2. Your apartment is adorable! I also worked from home this morning (a rare treat for me) and felt exactly the way you did. :)

  3. Sounds lovely every bit! Love your blog too.

  4. I love productive days! And yes, breaks in the middle of the day are wonderful. Pretty flowers for fall-like weather. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. stopped by from aisletoaloha! yes, your apartment is beautiful - looks like a really inspirational space! i'm a work-at-home mom and my son just began all-day kindergarten. i've been floundering a bit with my schedule but your post really helped me put things in perspective - do what works for me :-)

    so nice to meet you!

  6. This sounds just perfect. You are challenging me to be productive today-- uh oh. ;) Thanks for linking up, Sarah!

  7. your breakfast looks so yummy.
    i was NOT as productive today....

  8. Sounds like a seriously perfect day. I love that it is so cool already for you. Hawaii is one season year round.

    New follower, please stop on by..

  9. Days when you actually get to cook breakfast are highly underrated because they are the absolute best.

    Sounds like a wonderful day. Hope you have more of them :] I am definitely a big fan of making lists and [attempting to] be productive!


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