Sunday, September 11

ten on ten [september edition]

one photo [every hour] for ten hours.

[1] love lazy saturday mornings at home  [2] freshly washed sheets on the bed... can't wait to sleep in them!  [3] crafty, crafty  [4] finally ready to go out for the day  [5] my stud and i decided to take a drive. it was a beautiful afternoon. we live in a beautiful area of the country. [6] cows, rolling green hills, sun... that's enough to make me ask my stud stop the car so i can get a picture (:  [7] windblown hair courtesy of a gorgeous afternoon drive with the windows down  [8] the book we're starting to read with some friends [9] worship service at church [that's my stud playing bass in the back (: ] [10] a gorgeous sunset, delicious coffee, and i'm ready to start my evening

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  1. I love fresh sheets too. Seriously, the best. Lovely 10!

  2. I love your green pillow! Beautiful day. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. ouu...are you doing your homework?! ;)


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