Friday, September 9


while i don't have the budget for a sweet and fancy smartphone, i do at least have a phone with a camera in it! so i thought it would be fun to participate in an instafriday! here are some pictures from my life over the last couple weeks...

[1] starting the weekend off right with a cup of coffee and the new ikea catalogue  [2] not just regular old brownies... turtle brownies  [3] my latest borders bargains  [4] we like to call them beer rings. you know, like tree rings, they let you know how long your beer's been sitting there  [5] i had a craving for chicken wings this week. fortunately we live in western new york (:  [6] sending off lanterns [just like tangled!] at my friends' wedding  [7] no words necessary
life rearranged


  1. I really really wants some wings now! Think I'll have some for supper!

  2. I love sky lanterns. We have been setting them into the night at every family function.

  3. Oh those brownies have me thinking I need to go bake xx

  4. I love to take pictures, but my camera isn´t the best... so, i just try to keep the most importants moments in my own way.
    I loved your pictures. Go ahead!!!
    Kisses and God bless you.


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