Wednesday, September 9

a day off

the ministry i was working for at home asked me to work this week, which was a nothing short of a blessing of provision from God. we are all part-timers there so i found myself with this special day free. because i'm me, i started forming a mental list of things i want to accomplish today. it's a little after 2:00pm as i'm writing this and so far i can say i have accomplished:

-sleeping in til 10:00am
-watching some gilmore girls
-making and eating this grilled cheese sandwich, topped off with chicken and honey mustard, because i'm missing john and as we head into fall, grilled cheese is becoming one of our favorite foods to make together. (by the by, we can't wait to try this version!)

otherwise known as not one of the things i'd planned to get done today. but that's just how days off go, no? the things i really hope to get done today:

-get my resume revamped and a cover letter created and apply for an HR job
-read at least another chapter in acedia and me
-complete another day's homework for the book study i'm attending
-spend time with the fam this evening (ch-ch-ch-changes: i am moving 5 hours away and my youngest sister is leaving for marine boot camp in 12 days. my middle sister is due to have her second baby in 14 days and my 2 year old niece is growing up fast! and i don't wanna miss a thiiiing!)

*don't worry i'm not at all sad i'm the only one missing in this picture :(*
only time will tell, folks. and i say it's time to get to it! (random thought: is linking other posts of my blog in a blog considered shameless plugging? plogging? i mean, if you are reading this you're already here right?)

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  1. um, can we please watch Gilmore Girls together sometime?! (This is Kristen, not Andy. Although, shhhh, but Andy likes GG too!) I have season 4, and borrowed the whole thing from a friend once, but I swear I could watch them over and over!


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