Monday, September 21

just another monotonous monday

same old, same old today. wake up, take a shower, look for jobs, tweek resume, send resume, spend way too much time looking at pictures and such on facebook, hang out with family and/or friends. intersperse that with some fall shoe shopping, reading, doing devotionals and some phone calls and welcome to my day. sounds promising, relaxing, fun (would anyone like to make a trade?), but... the grass is always greener. the longer these days go on, the more i long for ones that are different. but it's at these times, when i'm feeling at wit's end, that i need to take a deep breath and remember: that breath is a gift. this day is a gift. i'm not guaranteed anything. do not sell today short for hoping and dreaming of something i have no certainty will ever come to be. these days have reason and purpose just as much as any to come. Lord Jesus, help me to live in the present.

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  1. Sarah, I can totally relate! There are days when I think I just can't do a 9-5 job anymore, and then when I'm off from work for a while, I think I just might go crazy with how much time I have on my hands. One of my favorite things Pastor Andy has said is, "Wherever you go, YOU go." I guess if I'm going to follow myself around for the rest of my life, I should start praying the prayer you wrote too :)

    Hoping your day is great,

    Kristen :)


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