Wednesday, September 23

some time on the links

this warm wednesday evening finds me waiting for my niece to be born!!! and as anyone who has given birth or been around anyone who has given birth will tell you, it takes quite some time for the little one to do his/her thing! so as i'm waiting, thought i'd share some fun webthings (: enjoy the links! do continuing to embrace the fall season! watch i watched the entire season of this short-lived show while i was sick last week. A. MAZ. ING! it's loosely based on the story of David and Saul, and in my humble opinion, the writing is fantastic. ahhh... to talk and live like royalty (: listen a friend just released a solo album on itunes. it's the perfect fall folksy album. get cozy with a warm beverage (might i recommend a chai?!) and check it out! ok, it's back to baby time! pics to come (:

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