Friday, January 13

snow day

today the snow is finally falling in western new york! i had already scheduled to take today off, and i've got to say, not having anywhere to be while it snows makes it even prettier.

today has been a day of rest. the last two years i have been fortunate enough to have the week between christmas and new year's off. i've gone to visit family in new jersey during that week and have loved the feeling of being able to take a deep breath while i'm there. being away from home means that i have no obligations, no responsibilities, and, consequently, no stress. i have come to cherish that time. it's an opportunity to just stop and breathe, without having to worry about all the things that normally consume my day. it's a feeling i want to capture and preserve throughout the year, not just during the holidays. so i scheduled myself a little breathing time. (:

today i'm catching up on some tv shows and doing a little creating. this recipe is cooking in the crockpot for dinner, making my apartment smell like a fiesta.

i have been and will continue shoveling throughout the day, but i'm welcoming the breaths of fresh air. i'm soaking in the snow [literally and figuratively ;) ] and taking moments to smile to myself at its beauty.

smiling is good for the soul, you know. 


  1. I hope you enjoy the snow very very much :) it looks so peaceful. i'm new here, hi! x

  2. Oh I am loving your pics!!! And a little jealous of the snow ;)

    Xx franchesca

  3. Gorgeous photos. Doesn't look like we will be getting any here in Texas anytime soon since it is 68° right now. I'll just have to live vicariously through your pictures.

    1. thank you, pamela! the snow's ok for a little while, then i'm wishing for your texas weather! (:

  4. Did you take those pictures?? They're beautiful!

  5. Oh i am so jelous!
    The closest we get to snow is hail... you know the kind that smashes windows and writes off cars.. yep! one day i will touch snow! (retuning the love from the studious stitch)

  6. oh yikes! hail is no good! hoping you get to see some snow sometime soon (:

  7. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for joining the blog hop :) Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous!


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