Thursday, January 26

random thoughts on a thursday

- i've been fighting a cold and sore throat for the last few days. the cold thinks it's going to win the battle this evening. but i'm fighting back hard with a fleece blanket and a cup of green tea.

- i'm excited to work on a new decoration for my front door this weekend. in the fall i made one out of a grapevine wreath and felt flowers. for christmas, i made a yarn wreath. i decided for the spring i'm going to make embroidery hoop art.

- taxes. do they stress anyone else out? they worry me. i'm always afraid i'm not filing them correctly. and my fears were confirmed this past year when i got hit with fines for making a mistake in 2007-2008. do you know how much interest builds up in 4 years? no wonder they wait that long to tell you you're in trouble. this year i've been receiving more forms than usual from taking a class last year and because i now have an hsa with my health insurance. here's to hoping i do it all correctly. and then [maybe] show me the money?!

-God is good. even when i don't acknowledge Him. i have to keep reminding myself to thank Him for this winter. my first two in new york were pretty rough. i do like snow, but really only when i have nowhere to be and i can curl up on a couch and watch it fall and drink hot chocolate. last year, the snow started falling in november and didn't stop until april. it was a hard season for me mentally and spiritually. summer eventually came and with His help, i was able to get some perspective and healing. the fall was long and mild and wonderful.

and now, it's winter. this year the temperatures have been way above normal and i think we've had a foot of snow total. it's been wonderful. my headspace has been good. so i remind myself to give thanks.

You stay the same through the ages
Your love never changes
there may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning
-jesus culture, Your love never fails


  1. Oh man, I hate taxes too. We made a mistake one year and found out about it right after we bought our house. Money was already tight - eekk!

    Love those fabrics - can't wait to see your creation.

    1. oh my goodness, that stinks! and thank you, i'm hoping for a creative weekend!

  2. love those fabrics...they are beautiful! i am fortunate that my husband's mom takes our taxes to someone because i would be terrified...i wouldn't even know where to start on them! sad...

    1. thanks, miranda! i've definitely thought about going to someone to have them done, but i don't want to have to part with any of my tax return to pay them to do so. ha!

  3. Love those fabrics. :)
    Hope your feeling better.


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