Saturday, January 7

oh hello, 2012

seven days in and i'm posting my new year's resolutions! it's still the first week of the year, which means they're legit nyr's [new year's resolutions], right? right.


i love the motivation and hope that a new year brings. the clean slate it offers. my mind feels open to dream, and dream big. and i know God may have completely different plans for my 2012, but if He's ok with it, these are the things i resolve.

1. open an online shop. i spent this past summer thrifting and yard sale-ing it up. i've enjoyed decorating my home with vintage finds and crafty-ness, and i want to open a shop to share my style.

2. decorate my dining room wall. i've had these frames since the summer and basically, i'm tired of talking about hanging them and staring at them scattered across my floors! i have two more to stain and then these beauties are finding a home in my dining room.

3. pay off my credit card debt. i got hit with several major car repairs in 2011. and some major car repair bills. i also found out i'd incorrectly filed part of my taxes in 2007 and 2008, resulting in some more money owed. but, i want to work harder to be responsible with my money this year, create a budget for myself, and pay off my credit card.

4. redesign my blog. i hope to create a look that better represents me, and i'm hoping to teach myself a bit about design in the process. it's a fun way to get to exercise some creativity.

5. read at least one book a month. this is kind of like an essential nyr, isn't it? i got a kindle fire for christmas and love it, which makes me even more excited about this resolution. a few books i plan to read this year...

i am almost finished with the 5th harry potter book and plan on reading books 6 and 7 this year. i also want to read a few recommended books for becoming an indie business owner: craft, inc. and the handmade marketplace. any other suggestions, friends?

6. keep growing my hair. i chopped it to just a few inches short four years ago and since then i've tried to let it grow out, but have always gotten too impatient or found a cute short cut that i wanted to try and ended up starting all over again. this time around i'm more determined than ever to let it grow out and it's paying off! my hair is the longest it's been in a long time and i love that i can pull it back in a ponytail again. that right there has been motivation enough to keep growing it out!

2012 has already been off to a sweet start. new york is having an unusually mild winter, resulting in very little snow so far. i've spent some good time with good friends. i have resolutions that excite me, and i'm full of hope for where this year will take me!

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  1. Great goals!! :) Can't wait to see your new design!

  2. I love them! #6 is also on my list...though it looks like you have a jump start :)

  3. these are great resolutions! i can't wait to see your online shop :) and paying off credit card debt is ALWAYS a great goal!

  4. ooo i cant wait for you to have a shop! how fun!! those are all great goals! and ps your hair looks great!


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