Thursday, January 19

bedroom [inspiration]

the inspiration workshop with gussy sews is back! the prompt for this month is bedroom.

full disclosure: in every apartment i've lived, my bedroom is always the last room i decorate. ideally it would be first. i'd create a relaxing space to retreat to each evening. but in reality, it is forgotten about and used pretty much only for sleeping. my kitchen and dining room and living room get my attention because those are the rooms people see! case in point here's what my bedroom looks like this evening:

things of note: 

1] my toolbox currently resides in my bedroom.
2] yes, i did make my bed, but that's more of an obsessive compulsive thing for me.
3] target bags strewn across the floor. maybe it really is time for an intervention.
4] and last but not least, there's a down comforter bundled up on my papasan chair. it's been a crazy winter here. some nights it's just too warm for the down comforter, other nights it's a usual winter, freezing, and it's my best friend. so i currently keep two comforters at the ready. it really adds to the luxurious vibe i have going on ;)

but... there is hope! i've done a good amount of decorating to the rest of my living space last year and decided to start focusing on my bedroom this year. thanks to pinterest, i'm full of inspiration [and maybe a little bit of coveting ;) ]

my ideal bedroom would include the following things:


reading nook


rustic features

and a statement piece

i feel more relaxed just looking at these pictures! and hopefully i'll have some more to share of my own room in the next few weeks. happy thursday, friends!

see more bedroom inspiration here...
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. Totally love all your inspiration pictures. Personally, I feel like the bedroom is one of the hardest rooms for me to decorate, because there is always so much stuff going on in there. Look forward to seeing what you end up doing, maybe they will help give me some inspiration for my room. :)

    1. thanks so much! i'm so thankful for pinterest to help me out when my inspiration is running low! (:

  2. I love your honesty- who DOESN'T need a Target intervention?! And I spy a post called hootylicious- checking it out! :)

  3. ha! glad i'm not the only one!


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