Thursday, November 3

give thanks thursday

last year i took the days of november leading up to thanksgiving to write about things i was thankful for. even now, a year later, i'm learning just how important a spirit of thankfulness is. after just finishing the 31 days of change challenge with the nester, i've decided to take some time just once a week this month to reflect on my blessings. i'll use the rest of my time enjoying them. (: and because i love to name things i've decided to call this give thanks thursday. [original, right? ;) ]

this week i am thankful for my crock pot...

i've had one for a couple years but i had yet to use it! i feel totally ashamed now. i had no idea just how much i was missing out! i the crock pot made chicken quesadillas for dinner. they are delicious. and so simple.


and the best part? i'm gone for a few too many hours during the day for this particular recipe, which called for only 6-8 hours. my wonderful man stopped by my apartment on his way to work a little later on in the morning and put everything in there for me. and then left me this:

he makes my heart smile.

i'm thankful for moccasins. my feet are free spirits and do not like being in shoes! but the first time i slipped them into the lining of these babies... well, they were pretty tickled. it definitely makes the transition from summer to fall a whole lot more fun.

i'm thankful for this blogging community. this whole blogging thing is so amazing to me. it's incredible to think how people are sharing their stories through the internet... encouraging, helping and inspiring. these platforms we have been given are gifts and it's so lovely to be a part of this community. being open about our struggles, rejoicing together in triumphs and just having a good laugh at life every once in awhile.

welcome, new friends! i'm looking forward to taking some time this weekend to get to check out your blogs and get to know you better.

and a big thanks to casey, jami, jenilee, nicole, gussy, julie, kristan, ashley and sarah for providing these fun opportunities for us all to connect!

what are you giving thanks for this week?

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

The Fontenot Four


  1. stopping by from the blog hop.

    would you believe i have a crock pot and have not used in about 3 yrs. i know...

    i have no idea why i haven't, but this is so the season for me to bust it out again. i have been in a little bit of a cooking funk so this might help.


  2. New follower from the blog hop...

    I got a Crock Pot for Christmas last year and still haven't used it. I'm scared to leave it on while I'm at work.

    Those moccasins look super comfy. I'm getting a pair this winter so my tootsies can have a new comfortable home.

    Love blogging!!!! I can't imagine my life without it now that I've met so many wonderful women who shared and can relate to each others stories....absolutely love it.

  3. I'm thankful for November! Bring on the fall leaves and pretty decorations :)
    Lovely Little Rants

  4. love your blog and this post! i do not even own a crock pot! isn't that sad? and i have those moccasins as well. they are divine. happy weekend!

  5. those quesadillas look great!!! what a sweet post!

  6. Stopping by from gussy!
    Crock pots are amazing! =)

  7. I'm also gone too much most days for the crockpot, but hope to try your recipe this weekend :) Thanks for your sweet post!

  8. Those moccasins are sweet! I saw some at target a month or so ago and now im kickin my self that I didnt buy them!!

  9. oh I love your moccasins!! :) and your blog too! somehow I havent been keeping up with you, so sorry! but im loking forward to "catching up"! blessings to you today friend!

  10. Crock pot quesadillas?!? Oh my, must try!

    Thanks for linking up with us today! xo Julie Ann

  11. Great post! The quesadillas look amazing! Thanks for linking up with me!

  12. yum! i love your photography. it's my first time on your blog today. hi!!

  13. Your quesadillas look so so so yummy!! Thanks for sharing! I am also thankful for the blogging community! Such a great pool of inspiration an d support!

  14. Stopping by from Gussy - I clicked on your link b/c we both used the same Thanksgiving pic in our posts! Great post about thankfulness, those quesadillas look good!

  15. I'm pretty much in love with my moccasins as well! Great pics... and I'm glad I found you on the thanksgiving linky party. :) New follower!


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