Thursday, November 10

give thanks thursday [ten on ten]

ten photos. ten hours. ten reasons to be thankful.

guess who's camera battery died when they got to work? [gah, it's hard being so awesome sometimes.] i'm sure it's terribly disappointing to not get to see pictures from my workday in the office (:

[1] a morning full of his mercies [2] a new dunkin express at the gas station across from where i work! [how are gas prices in your neck of the woods?]  [3] home sweet home  [4] crackers and cheese for dinner. i love being an adult (:  [5] prepping for a work retreat this weekend. i love event planning!  [6] pumpkin spice candle. i love the smells of fall  [7] books i bought at an estate sale last weekend. the new book of etiquette? i die.  [8] a kitchen makeover for under $8 thanks to some new towels and mitts from the christmas tree shoppe. i am in love with this print.  [9] fleece blanket my love gave me for christmas. one of the warmest and coziest things i've ever owned.  [10] my sister drove up from jersey to spend the weekend with me! it's a little late, hence the blur (:

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  1. 3.40 a gallon here in illinois.. ugh lol

  2. good start to the day! ($3.38/gal when I last filled up)

  3. I love that little oven thingy... :)

  4. Cheese and crackers (those and the garlic) are one of my favorites. The are lunch a lot of days. Have a great time with your sister.


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