Thursday, November 17

give thanks thursday [week three]

this week i am so very thankful for time with my sister. heather is not only my family, but we joke that we are soul mates. we understand each other in that finish the other's sentences, grab the same shirt at target and hold it up for each other to see, and don't have to describe the way we're feeling because the other one just gets it. it was so awesome to have her here for the weekend.

i'm thankful for my strongman stud. (: i lost the key to my storage unit. the storage unit holding all of my christmas decorations! and i've been planning for a few weeks to decorate for christmas this weekend because i will be out of town for thanksgiving weekend. i got a quote from a locksmith for $65(!!!). that evening i received this:

a half hour later john was at my apartment with those very same, huge pliers. i held the lock in place for about .2 seconds before i realized that if and when this thing did break loose, things would be flying. sharp, metal things. so i stepped back and my strongman stud pulled those arms together til, sure enough, SNAP! i'm able to get into my storage unit and am ready to decorate! my man takes care of me! i'm so blessed.

i'm thankful for my mom and her desire to take care of her kids. she sent a huge care package with my sister this last weekend filled with all kinds of things that are amazing when you're living on your own and have a tight budget. (: she even bought all the brands that i usually get. i love the way she remembers those details.

and lastly, i'm thankful for thanksgiving dinners! i have apple crisp finishing up in the oven and then i'm off to a thanksgiving dinner for a church group. let the holidays begin! i hope you are all counting your blessings today, friends.

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  1. So many things to be thankful for....tho I really did think your man was plying his chin when I first glanced :)

  2. great great great list!!! My mom brings starbucks...which is a must when you have small

  3. what a blessing family, is! sounds like you will have a wonderful holiday season. enjoy!! :)

    hopping from alexandra rose*

  4. I loved reading this! Sounds like your family is amazing :) Thanks so much for linking up!


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