Monday, November 28

a reminder

as responsibilities add up day after day, year after year, i find myself rely more and more on writing to-do lists and penciling in dates on a calendar to help me remember to do something or be somewhere.

i'm not that old, but it's pretty easy to forget even the basics sometimes. [anyone with me on this one?!]

things like making sure i pay my bills on time, return a phone call, or meet a deadline.

life gets busy. i allow too many things to have my attention. and before i realize it, i've forgotten something.

or how about remembering things like His faithfulness? His goodness... His love.

i had to take my car in to the mechanic last week for the fourth time in four months. i was stressed, angry, and overwhelmed by it. i was frustrated at the financial strain all of this has caused me and was feeling defeated by at the thought of ever getting out of debt, especially if things just keep happening.

the autobody shop called yesterday to say that the car was done. the moment of truth. how much would i owe.

the total? $26.98.

on top of that, i'd rented a car over the weekend to visit family and kept it for an extra day when my car still wasn't done. instead of charging me the normal $50 + taxes for a daily rental, they charged me the weekend rate, meaning i only had to pay an extra $20.

amazing. He is so amazing.

He sends me reminders, day after day, year after year. He speaks loud and clear of His desire to provide for me. He pours out His love every day.

reminders encourage and keep us pointed in the right direction.

which is why i immediately fell in love with this wooden caddy from dayspring:

it is gorgeous and a great piece for entertaining, but it is also a reminder. the gold piece on the front is stamped with this verse:

give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love. [psalm 107:8]

every time i see it i am reminded of His unfailing love. i am reminded to give thanks. and i am reminded of His provision as it holds silverware and sits among dishes and cups and food on a dining room table in an apartment, all gifts from His hand.

*i received this product in exchange for this review from the lovely folks at dayspring and (in)courage. all opinions are my own.


  1. i can so relate. that's a darn cute caddy. even more cute: your new blog design!! LOVE!


    kristen :)

  2. such a great reminder that the Lord watches out for us. that's great that you were able to recognize those blessings rather than overlook them :)

  3. I always see these small blessings and am reminded. I'm your newest follower, xoxo

  4. Oh yes I totally rely on lists for EVERYTHING !! Although lately I've been lacking. And consequently have been forgetting many things. Must get back on that :-) Thanks for reminding me.
    Visiting from the hop.


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