Wednesday, August 24

sitting under fig trees

we had a half-day retreat at work yesterday, where i was introduced to this beautiful prayer:

o God of timelessness and time,
we thank You for our time
and for those things that are yet possible and precious in it:
     daybreak and beginning again,
     midnight and the touch of angels,
     the taming of demons in the dance of dreams;
a word of forgiveness,
and sometimes a song,
for our breathing... our lives.

thank You for the honesty which marks friends and makes laughter;
for fierce gentleness which dares to speak the truth in love
and tugs us to join the long march toward peace;
for sudden gusts of grace which rise
unexpectedly in our wendings from dawn to dawn;
     for children unabashed,
          wind rippling a rain puddle,
                  a mockingbird in the darkness,
                     a colleague and a cup of coffee;
for all the mysteries of loving,
for our bodies next to others' bodies;
for music and silence,
for wrens and Orion,
for everything that moves us to tears,
to touching, to dreams, to prayers;
for our longings... our lives.

thank You for work which engages us in internal debates between right and reward
and stretches us toward responsibility to those who pay for our work,
and to those who cannot pay because they have no work.
     for justice which repairs the devastations of poverty;
         for liberty which extends to the captives of violence;
              for healing which binds up the broken bodied and broken hearted;
                   for broken bread for all the hungry of the earth;
                        for good news of love which is stronger than death;
and for peace for all to sit under fig trees and not be afraid;
for our callings... our lives.

thank You for the sharp senses of timeless stirring in our time,
and Your praise in our hearts;
for the undeniable awareness, quick as now,
that the need of You is the truth of us,
and Your presence with us is the truth of You,
which sets us free for others,
for joy,
and for You;
for Your grace... and our lives... forever.

[ted loder, guerrillas of grace: prayers for the battle]

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