Thursday, December 3

warm simple things

on monday, after most people were bargained up, shopped out and headed back to work and school, i finally ventured out to the mall. and i think i actually gave thanks for the economic slump because ohmyword the deals are blowing right past black friday and seem to be getting better and better through the holiday season! despite all of that, though, i walked away monday with just one thing. (again, thank you to the economic slump...)

for $15 i said hello to a warmer winter:

a simple sherpa lined hoodie that not only looks good but feels good and will keep me good and warm all winter long. oh happy day!


  1. wait, what?! i've been searching for a sweatshirt like this for years!!! where did you find it? like you, i avoided the mall, but for longer, which may be why i never saw this... v-word was "flart"

  2. i got it at urban behavior at the mall in henrietta! everything in the store was 50% which was what initially enticed me because i never go to that store! (: oh and would that be like a flatulating flirt?!?


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