Thursday, December 10

simple things thursday

another thursday is almost over! this week i am thankful for unexpected things... like winning this giveaway! before i gush about the lovely necklace i cannot wait to start wearing, i just need to say that if you are reading this post, you must check out sarah markley's. her words are inspiring, challenging, beautiful and real. sometimes i can find it hard to find God in the day-to-day. sarah's blog challenges me to see Him in ways i never would have imagined.

so i was both surprised and elated this week to see her name in my inbox yesterday right next to the words YOU WON! as a person who doesn't win anything... scratch-off lottery tickets, raffle nights, you name it... i had to thank God because being the recipient of these gifts was simply, to me, His way of saying 'I am still here. I haven't forgotten about you. I love you and care for you.' and i'm now anticipating some mail in the next few days holding Chris Tomlin's new Christmas cd and this necklace:

it's handmade by these lovely ladies and i can't wait to see it in person!

also unexpected was a phone call i received to set up an interview for a job i'd very much like to have. i'm trying to stay pretty calm and collected about it, but even getting an interview simply restores so much of my self esteem, confidence and drive to continue looking and pursuing this move to western new york! another way i feel God is just reassuring me to hold on.

simply unexpected.

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  1. Sarah, congratulations on winning the necklace from Sarah's blog! I will be shipping it out tomorrow so you can expect it early to the middle of next week! I really hope you enjoy it!


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