Saturday, December 10

ten on ten [december edition]

[1] morning  [2] tea  [3] leftovers for brunch. delish.  [4] we finally had snow!  [5] my stud. we drove my car into town today so he got to use my sunglasses. (: love.  [6] crafty shopping  [7] picking my stud up from work   [8] saturdays = craft time  [9] starting to cook dinner  [10] shrimp linguine for dinner. it may have been the best idea we had all day.

it was such a beautiful day. western ny finally got snow that stuck around! it just hasn't quite felt like christmas time without it. it was perfect... it snowed through the night and the sun shone bright all day. here are a few more pictures i just had to share:

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  1. Everything looks so cozy!
    Looks like it was a great Saturday

  2. love your pics! especially the slippers. so much yummy looking food too!

  3. Great pics. It's dinner time here right now in Sydney, your shrimp linguini looks so yummy, it's making me hungry.

  4. .. great way to start the day - cozy slippers & tea!
    .. you officially just gave me a white pizza craving. thanks for that.
    .. love that roxy's made your ten.
    .. love the shades john.
    .. i was too busy pouting about the skunk to take pictures...

  5. That pizza looks delicious!


  6. oh, waiting for snow here too... :) loved your pics!


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