Monday, December 5


last week some friends and i took a little trip to our local christmas tree shop for a little girls night out/shopping trip. i wasn't really planning to buy anything because i'd been there a couple of weeks ago and had already picked up some decorations for the season, but then i came across a display of chindi rugs and i couldn't tear myself away!

the rugs were marked for $2.99 and as usual, i had a hard time making a decision on which one(s) i wanted. i carried around four of them in the store with us until we went to check out. i decided to get three. the cashier rang me up and then said something to the tune of '$5 and change.' um, excuse me?

the rugs were on sale for... wait for it...

74 cents.

even the cashier couldn't believe it.

and i left with all four rugs.

i love the color they add to my home. and because they are small i can see myself moving them around when i catch the redecorating bug. you can't beat a no-cost makeover!

God is so good, friends. especially in the little things. i hope you are blessed by His good and perfect gifts on this lovely monday.


  1. Sarah! I love your style!!

  2. That is awesome. I love wonderful surprises like these. They are wonderful little pops of color.

  3. those are great rugs! i really like that first one with the blue...what a steal!!!

  4. oh fun! i love the last multi-colored one alot! :) great find!

  5. love that last rug

  6. 74 cents! That is amazing! Great find..
    God is good.. ESPECIALLY in the little things!


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