Tuesday, December 6

rad in plaid [what i wore]

while i was home last weekend, my sister took a few bunch of pictures of me. which besides sounding completely narcissistic means i get to participate in what i wore wednesday! [woot woot!]

the jeans i was wearing came from a clothing swap i participated in with some lovely ladies.

if you have never been part of a clothing swap before... seriously, have your friends go through their closets and collect clothes they aren't wearing anymore. get together for a girls night and have everyone bring their clothes. shop and swap until you drop and flop! you feel great afterwards because a) you got to clean out your closet of things taking up space you never wear, b) you get new clothes to fill up said space, c) you get to spend time with friends and d) it was all for free!

shirt: target
white tank: hanes. mens section.
[do yourself a favor and pick some of these up! they're comfy and perfect for layering. i wear them underneath so many of my outfits.]
jeans: american eagle
moccasins: target

i am so not a model.and i'm sure i'll look at these pictures in a few years days and be embarrassed about them but just laugh it off instead. (:

i asked heather to help me with poses. or to at least tell me when i was looking ridiculous so i could stop. instead she just kept snapping and got these gems.

or what i'd like to call, the outtakes...

proper diving form i'm sure
hello crazy eyes
sometimes i do the robot. sometimes i pretend i'm a pirate doing the robot?

happy wednesday, friends!

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  1. love your pictures! the outtake's made me laugh! i really love the plaid! and the moccasins! i wanted to buy some from Target but they were all out of my size!

  2. Love the plaid. So very cute :)

    Come check out my Shabby Apple dress giveaway! Perfect for all those holiday parties.

  3. so fun!!!

    xo, kristen :)

  4. These are really, really fun. I've been looking for a great plaid shirt. Love yours! And the mocs - fantastic!

    These pictures remind me of how goofy I can get with my sister. SO FUN.

  5. I love the out takes!!! haha makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one :) Visiting from Rolled up Pretty! kaleigh xx

  6. Stopping by from WIWW! I love your pictures - so fun! This post really makes me miss my moccasins that I got at Target like, 3 years ago!

  7. LOVE plaid shirts, so dang cute! Those jeans look comfy too :) And thanks for linking up to my blog cute girl! :)

  8. looks like you had lots of fun taking the pictures :) love the simplicity of the outfit, very cute.

  9. love the plaid and your moccasins are so cute I'd love you to link this up to my what we wore party over at http://raegunwear.blogspot.com

  10. love.love.love what you're wearing! that plaid shirt is just adorable :)


  11. Looks like you were having fun in your photos :) I love your flannel shirt!


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