Thursday, June 23

twenty-seven and the inspiration workshop

the theme for this week's inspiration workshop with gussy sews is spend the day playing! which is perfect because i can share with you what i did on my birthday last week! it was a day of play for me and my stud as we took a little road trip to erie, pennsylvania.

the day started with a good cup of coffee and a delicious funfetti cupcake from some lovely friends.

the weather was perfect, and we had a gorgeous drive down. our first stop of the day? chick-fil-a! i had been dreaming of chicken nuggets, waffle fries and sweet tea for days! it's so yummy!

after we had our fill, we headed to presque isle to enjoy some sunshine and some beach! it was wonderful to just spend a couple hours relaxing and reading with each other.

after that we went to wegmans for some sushi. we had some shrimp tempura and frosty frothy beverages that were absolutely delish.

next up was going to the movies to see super 8. it lived up to everything i had heard about it. i got completely wrapped up in the plot and the characters. two thumbs up from me!


the sun was just starting to set when we got out of the movie, and we decided to begin heading back home. but not before getting more chick-fil-a. (: 

the sky was amazing during our evening drive. the sunset was filled with bright pink and orange hues and when the full moon came up, it was huge and had an orange glow to it. i like to think the skies that day were God's birthday gift to me (besides my life and all). (:

 a pretty perfect day of play i'd say!

and the best part was getting to spend it with the man i love. it was just one of those days where things are great from beginning to end. we laughed, we talked, we dreamed, we smiled a lot, and we played.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. aw, yay!! what an awesome way to spend a day! i think my favorite part is that you went to chick-fil-a twice :)

  2. Funfetti is my favorite!! This looks like an awesome day (I really want to see Super 8!)

  3. Splendid! And I'm pretty sure you made justin's, month with that chick-fil-a! Aaand now you've got me dreaming about waffle fries. xo.

  4. What could be better than Chick-fil-a, cake and Shock Top on your birthday weekend?!

  5. oh happy belated birthday to a fellow june bug. i'm following you now! what a fantastic day. my hubby loves shock top!

  6. Glad you had such a fun birthday! I'm jealous that it included Chick-fil-a. I got addicted to it in college, and now I can't get my fix since I'm back in MN.

  7. Hi! I'm stopping by from Gussy's workshop :) Your birthday looks like it was a blast!! I think the funfetti cupcake is my fav ;)



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