Saturday, June 11

ten on ten

time for another ten on ten with rebekah!

1. my last day of work before vacation and my birthday, and i found an early morning surprise! 2. chocolate chip brownie yumminess for breakfast. 3. my mix for the workday. 4. decorations on your desk make work feel like a party! 5. leftover honey bbq wings from a-bees for lunch. 6. reading francis chan's forgotten god. 7. birthday cake and ice cream. [for me!] 8. home from work and earning my keep at my apartment. 9. after months of mocking my stud for his flip phone, my phone went missing this afternoon and i'm finding myself thankful he has a back up for me to use! aren't our matching phones cute? (: 10. my stud. "hun, i need a picture for #10!" this is what i get. what can i say? he makes me laugh every day.


  1. Looks like a really fun day!! Of course, any day with cake is going to be a good one. :)

  2. happy [belated] birthday!! xo.


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