Friday, June 3

it's not you, it's me

on my heart today...

taking things personally.

a friend forgets about the plans you've made. someone doesn't write back to your comment on facebook or twitter. or, if i'm brutally honest... someone i'm talking with looks at another person in the conversation the whole time and not me.

i really struggle with this sometimes.

it almost seems silly writing about it. when i don't comment back to someone or return a text, i know it's not personal. i get distracted or busy. i accidentally forget. it has nothing to do with the other person and how i feel about them.

so why do i take these same things i've done to others so personally?

because of insecurity...
         and a lack of grace....

that's really what it comes down to.

but i can't give grace if i haven't allowed myself to receive it.

and i can't be secure until i've run to the arms and dwelled in the presence of the One who created me, who gives me my identity, to Whom i belong.

i don't want to carry around on my shoulder things that have nothing to do with me. it's hard to love people when you're weighed down by those things. i want to be a person who loves others, unconditionally, and is secure enough in who she is to not worry about the small stuff.

and it starts by accepting the unconditional love of my God.



  1. I am very much the same way with getting discharged, or forgetting, or just not responding to voicemails, texts, fb messages.
    I completely can relate.


  2. ohhhh i know....i get my feelings hurt SO easy, totally can relate!

  3. I needed this post soooo bad this week!!! I am having trouble with a girl at work that basically just doesn't like me. No reason. I am really struggling with it. I am taking it super personal and I need to try to remember that it's not me. I'm also feeling bad because I am scared there are times I have treated people this same way, and now I am feeling the other side. Thanks for the post.


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