Thursday, May 26


today two friends celebrate birthdays.

today two friends handed their 7 month old daughter to surgeons to operate on her tiny heart. (everything went well - thank you Jesus - and now they wait in recovery.)

today a woman battling cancer for the last 5 years (after being told 5 years ago she had months to live) lost her fight and passed away.

today was a day about so much of the rawness of life, the simple things it all really comes down to - life and death.

the time we have in between when we are born and when we die is really so short, no matter if it is days or decades. in it we experience births and deaths. we are witness to the full circle of what we call a lifetime. and what do we do with ours? 

days like today remind me to focus on what really matters. am i doing the things He's prepared for me to do? am i drawing closer to Him with every breath? does what i'm doing have eternal significance? am i loving others? am i being generous with the gifts He's given me?

some day this is all going to fade away. some day it will be no more. but i want it to mean something. i want my days to count.

i want to know Him before i see Him face to face.



  1. i love this! thanks for sharing your heart and being an encouragement to me in my walk with Him :)

  2. You write beautifully! Our life is but a breathe and I pray I mean something also. That I point people I come in contact with to Him.

  3. amen, so good to remember He has planned our days and our lives and to live them with purpose...


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