Tuesday, May 10

ten on ten

linking up with rebekah for this fun way to capture a day, thanks to marla!

1. starting the day with a cup o' joe at work. 2. my copying skills are unmatchable. trust me. or at least just let me have this one (: 3. this big, shiny toy ring makes noise when i shake it. this goes well with my workday jamming. 4. mid-morning snack. i'll never get through that to-do list without it. 5. reading a friend's first book on the itouch during lunch 6. juicy, yummy, and hollow strawberry from a friend! 7. mat kearney's new song. so good i can't help but move when i hear it.[hello workday jamming.] it's been on repeat all day. 8. unfinished scrabble game waiting on my dining room table for me and my stud. no peeking! 9. i don't know why, but i love this tree. i've loved it since the first time i saw it driving on country roads in western new york. i think it's beautiful in every season. 10. bedtime.


  1. Nothing like spring strawberries! Pretty set!

  2. Love this!!

    I may need to borrow your mad copying skills.

    I think I'm going to go listen to that song right now!

  3. Great pictures!!! I loved the idea because it helps us to know each other better.
    I made my post 10 on 10 too!!!
    Check it out!!!
    Kisses and God bless you.

  4. Well hello mid-morning snack, that beats my almonds.

    Going to have to check out the song.

  5. Love the scrabble picture!


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