Monday, May 16

happy sale-ing

it's monday, and i have today off work. woot woot! things have been a bit crazy the last couple of weeks, so i thought it was about time to play some catch up. the church next door to the school i work for had a huge garage sale a few fridays ago. we're talking mini flea market here. the best part about it was that the money they made was raised for several missions projects the church is involved in. so how could i not wander over there for an hour or so and help some good causes? (: 

$12.50 later i walked away with these:

i had recently come across this room in all my diy/room redesign travels and fallen in love with the shutters. for $8 my dining room windows are going to be a whole lot prettier. i'm planning on using the green one to hang pictures on.

seriously i'm in love with the detail on these babies!

and of course, my book collecting habit was in temptation island that day. $.50 for softcover and $1 for hardcover and well, i stopped myself at 7. mostly because my puny arms couldn't manage any more.

i'm so excited to have john get the shutters up. and to shop for curtains for the windows too. and to spend some warm summer or chilly, rainy spring (as the case is for us here) afternoons reading!

i'd say this garage sale season is off to a super start. (:

happy monday!


  1. ok, i'm just going to say it. i'm more than jealous of your shutters!!!!! seriously!! my craigslist perusing has left me with no better options than cracked vinyl shutters for $100. these are a gem! can't wait to see what you do with them!! :)

  2. score! and i totally love that nursery. i also had it bookmarked!

  3. Great! You´ve had fun and helped several missions projects the church is involved in.
    Kisses and God bless you. Go to my blog ´cause we´ve group post and a little thing to all of you.


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