Thursday, November 12

simple things thursday

i've decided to try something on this here blog. every thursday i want to take the time to write about something in my life. something i'm thankful for... a simple thing. my reason for this (why do i always feel i have to explain myself? hello psychoanalysis!) is mostly due in part to my gigantic fail at this, and this is another attempt to a) cultivate an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude and b) write here more often. so welcome to simple things thursday (:

coming up with today's blog was simple. (oh dear... one day, when i'm all out of ideas, i will write about my corny sense of humor) but really, this pretty much says it all...

it doesn't take much to make me happy... a good book, a slice of fresh banana nut bread, a vanilla rooibos tea latte and a little corner of a starbucks to tuck myself away in for a few hours. feed my stomach, feed my introversion, feed my mind and feed my spirit.

it's the simple things, really (:

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