Tuesday, November 10

any way the wind blows

the weather has been warm(ish) and wonderful the last few weekends in western new york, so john and i have been enjoying our sunday afternoons by taking drives to explore and see what we can see! this past weekend we drove south, where we saw at least 40-50 of these things:

i understand there's a bit of environmental controversy surrounding their use, however… for the sake of this blog we're just gonna go with i. think. they're. cool. in a quixotic sort of way!

so on sunday john quixote (his cleverness) and i set off in search of these humongous giants. or as i like to call them... wind turbine thingys.

it was a grand time! i did not get car sick. (take that finger lake exploration sunday!) we did not get lost. (ok, with john's sense of direction we never get lost. *knock on wood*) and we did indeed find the wind turbine thingys!

(note: these photos were taken memorial day weekend 2008, when i drove up from cuba the country cuba the town in new york to batavia and first discovered them!)

then yesterday i saw this video:

i had no idea we were in such danger.

john quixote and his lady fair: 1. wind turbine thingys: 0.

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