Monday, June 15

reflections and commitments

today i turned 25. one quarter of a century. it is remarkable to me to look back at where i was a year ago, who i was a year ago and where i thought this year was going to take me a year ago. God had very different plans than the ones i was forming, but as always, He knows my best. not the easiest, certainly not the most fun, but a year of growth, pruning, waiting and learning and experiencing more of His love. looking ahead to this next year, changes are definitely on the horizon. there will be physical, tangible ones, but i also have hope for personal, spiritual, inner change as well. being hopeful for all that lies ahead, i'm commiting to taking the time this year to reflect on the days as they pass and get my thoughts and my life out there on this blog. it is something i have wanted to become more consistent at and what better time to start than a new year?! i am also commiting to starting a second blog, one with a very specific purpose, the idea for which i found here. in all honesty, my hope is that through my writing, i will become more grateful, sensitive and thoughtful in my life and with those around me. there's only one way to find out, right?! (:

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