Monday, November 23

advent conspiracy

i don't know about you...

but i can't wait to eat my first candy cane of the season! or decorate the christmas tree... or consume egg nog on a daily basis... or watch my niece's face when she comes downstairs christmas day and finds presents under the tree... or watch 'the muppet christmas carol', 'a charlie brown christmas' and 'the grinch who stole christmas' (the old cartoon version of course!) with family and friends.

i can wait, however, to shop in an overly crowded mall as each and every store seeks to entice me with their best deals,bargains and things i just 'have to have'. i can wait to watch my own self-centered and materialistic mind begin a wish list of a few items i'd like this holiday season, which will then snowball into a list of junk stuff that is way too long and way too unnecessary. i can wait on the stress of the season and the quickness with which is always seems to pass as my calendar fills up with one more errand, one more gift to buy, one more commitment to fulfill.

the end of the year has the potential to be stressful, exhausting and lacking meaning. but this video gives me hope that it can be different - christmas can be captivating, refreshing and meaningful. it can reflect Jesus.

i don't know about you...

but watching that video felt like breathing fresh air. i can't wait to conspire.

(and a thank you to northgate and some friends there who are leading a study on this and introduced the organization to me!)


  1. We're doing this series in our marriage class too! I agree - completely a breath of fresh air when I watched it.

  2. that's sweet! i'm excited for you guys! and sad i can't be around for the other study at church!


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