Wednesday, July 29

to the unknown

today i received a rejection letter from a job i had interviewed for. now, the interview and the time i spent waiting after the interview were leading me to believe this job would actually not be a good fit or direction for me to go, however, just receiving that sting of rejection hurt. my immediate future holds so many "unknowns" and my heart's desire is that something, at least one thing, would fall into place. to say that would be stress-relieving would be an understatement. instead, i find myself at a closed door. and though this particular opportunity was taken away from me, i still have a choice. i can choose to let it get me down, to put me flat on my face, or i can choose to be thankful. i choose to be thankful that i was able to find a job and am still able to find jobs to apply to. i am thankful that i had the opportunity to have an interview. and i am thankful that my God is in control and that He says that His love for me is great and His faithfulness endures forever (ps117:2). i don't know what the future holds, what my future holds, but i choose to believe that He holds it. i may feel like i door after door is being shut on me and that nothing is lining up the way i hope for it to, but i choose to let my beliefs trump my feelings. my God holds my life in His hand, and He has promised me a hope and a future and though the road may be narrow and bumpy, He has promised me Himself, and that will be enough.

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