Friday, July 24


friday morning, while walking to my car, i fell. math lesson of the day: super-cute-but-completely-tractionless sandals + wet ground = me. flat on my face. (i tell ya, you can't get this education in school kids!) i fell quickly and got up quickly and hopped quickly into my car. all in all i came away with two banged up knees, one muddy hand and a spoonful of humiliation as i had fallen as a few cars passed by.

sometimes in life we fall.

and it hurts. it stings sharply. the sting turns into a constant throbbing. we are wounded. we get scraped up. but we get up and we keep moving. the pain diminishes. the throbbing subsides. some of the wounds heal. some scar. and though sometimes we may hurt again from a bump or wrong twist or turn, we keep going. and although once in awhile we might see the scars and be reminded of the fall, we keep it in the past.

 at times there is a clear risk of falling in front of us. at other times, it's not so obvious. sometimes we're able to brace ourselves for it and avoid some of the potential pain. other times it comes out of nowhere and we find ourselves flat on our faces.

falling is a part of life.

infants fall while learning to walk. gymnasts fall while learning new events and exercises. students fall as they work through their studies. spouses fall as they learn how to love their partner. parents fall while learning how to raise their children.

falls can produce growth.

if we do not live in fear and try to avoid them. there is so much more to be gained by taking the risks and embracing the falls as opportunities in themselves to get up, learn and walk away a stronger person, a more humble person, a growing person.

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