Monday, April 11

wonderful grace

the package was waiting outside my door when i got home friday. i was relieved excited to see the return address from dayspring. inside was their wonderful grace carved wooden serving tray. it is beautiful.

dayspring is beautiful. this is the second time they've generously sent something lovely to me.

to be honest, the tray was not my first choice for this particular giveaway. but, i've spent the last month or so moving and [slowly] getting settled into a new apartment [yes, i'm on the hunt for curtains!], and i have been on the hunt for a tray to put on my ottoman for a sturdy surface and to dress it up a bit. it didn't even occur to me that i could potential be receiving one! how perfect is it that the wonderful grace tray was sent to me. [and my living room!]

inscribed on the tray is wonderful grace ~ authentic peace ~ unfathomable love ~ simply joy ~ unending hope.

i'm sure that no matter what kind of a day i'm having, one of those truths will remind me of Him and his unfailing presence in my life.

i'm so stoked i don't have to give away my firstborn child but instead have a new piece for my living room.

thank you, dayspring!

:: disclaimer: i received this product from dayspring through (in)courage in exchange for this review. oh, and because they rock. ::


  1. Isn't it inspiring? I am enjoying mine in the table center with fresh flowers. :)

  2. shew! glad you don't owe anyone any money. what a sweet tray...your living room looks lovely!

  3. love the fresh flowers, christin!

    meeeee too and thanks marla! (:


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