Wednesday, December 1

my thanksgiving turkey

a few weeks ago, i had a life-changing experience in the form of a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. it was so delicious, in fact, that i decided i needed to recreate the moment. a quick google search and i was armed with the southern belle of the comfort food ball, paula deen's recipe. one little shopping trip to pick up a few ingredients and a half day of work before thanksgiving and i was ready to go!

a little mixing...

::i loved the bright red color next to the bright blue mixing bowl!::

a little bake time and voila!

what was that? oh, you noticed the title of this post? well, let's talk about what i did while my little morsels of heaven were baking. i read reviews of ms. belle's recipe. it was then that i saw things like... way too much oil, not enough cocoa powder, nothing like red velvet, cornbread flavor...

excuse me, what?! surely, the recipe endorsed and, dare i hope, used by the. paula. deen. would not fail me! i followed it to a t and in that t i will put my trust! 

beeeeeeep goes the oven.

ok cupcakes, let's see what you're made of taste like...




paula deen: 0, the reviewers: 1, me: a thanksgiving turkey.


  1. oh that is so sad! cornbread red velvet cupcakes?! oh nay nay. well, they sure did LOOK amazing! i wouldn't have guessed that Paula would lead you astray either. :(

  2. i think you did great making them! and they looked amazing! and i like cornbread! and the red food coloring makes um... *things* red! which is a bonus. its like decorating your digestive tract for christmas!!

    anyway i think you did awesome. that paula dean is a dreamer.



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